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A little about us

Nina’s Boutique opened in 2015! We are proud to be part of Sanford, NC and offer you high quality items that are bold and unique. We believe that dressing up doesn't have to stop just because we're all grown up now...come shop in our store and let us help you find something fabulous or browse our items online! Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you soon!


Our mission at Nina’s Boutique is to perform the highest quality Accessories and makeup services in the area, at fair and competitive prices.


Nina’s Boutique takes a leading approach in the Accessories and makeup industry, and continues to set the quality standards under which other companies in the business guide themselves.

more than your expectations

We carry new arrivals all the time. We offer the most beautiful and highest quality products in the Sanford, NC area. We are always happy to help you make the right choice and find the right product for you.